Waterford Crystal Appraisals - Pattern Identification & Authentication
by Master Artisan James Connolly

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Waterford Crystal Fakes ~ Special Report
Where To Sell Your Waterford Crystal - Special Report
Identify Waterford Crystal Patterns
Waterford Crystal Chandeliers - New eBook
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Waterford Crystal Repairs - How To Repair Chips In Crystal and Glasses
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About James Connolly


Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is James Connolly, I've worked with Waterford Crystal Ireland and Lenox Crystal USA as a Master Craftsman for over 35 years. I am an expert on all aspects of crystal manufacturing, including Crystal Appraisals, Authentication and Identification, Repairs/Restorations 

If you need your Waterford Crystal or any other types of crystal or glassware Appraised, Authenticated or Identified you may contact me here at this email

Special Reports
I have compiled several reports to help you with your Waterford Crystal needs and they are as follows. The links to these reports are listed below.

Where To Sell
If you need to know where to "sell" your Waterford Crystal then this special report is for you. It will show you the best places.
"Where To Sell Your Waterford Crystal"

If you think you have a Waterford Crystal Fake then
this is the report you need.
 "How To Spot A Waterford Crystal Fake"

Identify Patterns
If you need to "identify" your Waterford Crystal Pattern, this report has pictures with designs of over 60 popular WC pattern with names of designs.
"Waterford Crystal Pattern Guide"

"How To Sell Your Waterford Crystal On eBay"
A guide to setting up your eBay account for Waterford Crystal
(this will be available soon)

Repair Chips In your Crystal
Now there is an easy and inexpensive way to repair chips in your Crystal and Glasses. Crystal repair do it yourself.
This little diamond hand-held tool will glide those nasty chips away and make your crystal usable again.
Its a simple device that has a handle and comprises of fine Diamond particles that is smoothed over the chipped area to get rid of that jagged edge.
You will never need to throw away your crystal glass again.
You can also use this tool over and over again because the diamonds are well coated and is shaped to tackle any size chip.
Get this tool here http://www.crystalrepair-doityourself.com/

Is your crystal broken? Did the stem break off?
The following product is a crystal adhesive glue and will fix your broken crystal of glass. The way it works is with Ultra Violet light. No, you don’t need a UV lamp. It will cure with direct sunlight and creates a permanent bond without yellowing. I have worked with this product for many years and it works really well to bond all your crystal and glassware. Get this bond here. http://www.crystalrepair-doityourself.com/broken-crystal

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your order,

Special Reports and Pattern Guide

"Where To Sell Your Waterford  Crystal" 

"How To Spot a Waterford Crystal Fake"

"Remove Chips From Your Crystal and Glassware Tool"


Special Discount on 3 Reports and 1 Waterford Crystal Pattern Guide

Download all 3 Special Reports and the Waterford Crystal Pattern Guide for $67. Thats a savings of $11 off the regular price ($78) if you were to purchase seperately.

Heres What You Get.
1. Waterford Crystal Pattern Guide
2. Where To Sell Your Waterford Crystal
3. How To Spot A Waterford Crystal Fake

4. How To Sell Your Waterford Crystal On EBay.

The Pattern Guide with pictures and Special Reports are in PDF Format which you can access and read right on your computer after download is completed. Please allow 24 Hours for delivery to your email account, after payment transacton is completed. Thanks!

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